BRIAN MALLON - As General Hancock in Ron Maxwell's Gettysburg

"These paintings by Lydia Maxwell- In some, such as 'The Flank', her delicate touch evokes powerfully the tragedy of war. In 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home,' her bright vivid 'primitive' depiction of the hoop-la contrasts poignantly with the sombre figure of 'Johnny.' The more poetic piece entitled 'Homecoming' puts me in mind of Jack Yeats, with its subtle use of color and light at its most dramatic pitch. Having portrayed General Hancock in Gettysburg, these paintings stirred memories and feelings about my own experience in that hallowed place. Lovely work!"

JOHN F. CROTTY - VP, Speaker, Author

"Sometimes I secretly wonder if I lived a life during the Civil War. As I child I would spend hours lost in daguerreotypes, glass transports to that most turbulent time in our history. Lydia Maxwell's folk art has an even more powerful pull on me. Magically, powerful emotions are stored within each brush stroke. Resolve, fear, exhaustion and death in "Gettysburg" yields to exaltation, hope, love and life in " Johnny" And so absorb, enjoy, cry. Above all, remember those brave and vulnerable souls from that crucial time in our history. Above all, pass that memory, that emotion, those lessons, to a new generation of Gettysburg. Lydia Maxwell has helped us do just that.”

COUNTESS CAMILLE VON ARNIM - Wild Life Conservation Activist,Writer, Licensed Holistic Practicioner

"As a Wild Life Conservation Activist and Writer and Licensed Holistic Practitioner, I am profoundly moved by individuals who wish to make a difference in this world. I am overwhelmed by the great beauty and historical significance of this tremendous artwork. How extraordinarily fascinating that this comes from the hand of the artistic brush of Lydia S. Maxwell. What a breathtaking experience! A pioneer in classical art that one can only compare to Turner.”

PATRICK GORMAN - Confederate Major General John Bell Hood- Gods and Generals, the movie.

"Yes! An impressionist/Civil War history inspired work. Touching, haunting images which place me in the midst of my own reflections on our heritage and that dreadful time. Inspiring work, Lydia. Thank you for sharing that.”