"... A beautiful site...your images... with the music of Joe Turrin... absolutely compelling! Congratulations Lydia on achieving truly beautiful work.”

Ron Maxwell, Director, Filmmaker, Gettysburg, Gods & Generals, Copperhead, the movie.

"...LSM’s artwork has a powerful pull...Magically powerful... emotions are stored in each brush stroke...Resolve, fear, exhaustion, death... yields to exaltation, hope, life, love in Johnny..lessons to a new generation...”

John F. Crotty, VP, Speaker, Author.

“...profoundly moved...great beauty and historical significance...breathtaking experience...a pioneer in classical art... can compare to Turner...""

Countess Camille Von Arnim, Wild Life Conservation Activist, Writer, Licensed Holistic Practicioner

"...evokes powerfully the tragedy of war...poignant...stirring memories, feelings...in that hallowed place...lovely work!”

Brian Mallon, Actor, General Hancock- Ron Maxwell’s Gettysburg.

"Absolutely LOVE the site and Bean Soup Poster for the festival this year ... Thank you again for your support of McClure Bean Soup, Mc Clure, Pennsylvania”

Andrew S. Benner, Pennsylvania

"An impressionist- Civil War History inspired work- touching, haunting...”

Patrick Gorman, Actor- Confederate Major General, John Bell Hood- Gods and Generals, the movie.

Gettysburg After 150 Years

Click on the images below to see the art:

To Honor the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg
A new composition by Joseph E. Turrin
Dedicated to the painting by LS Maxwell 2013
" The Flank- a Dies Irae"


In a Limited Edition of Prints, Posters, Note Cards, Collectibles

Family to RONALD F. MAXWELL, the talented director of GETTYSBURG, GODS AND GENERALS and newly released, COPPERHEAD, the movie, I am especially proud to support and honor the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.


GETTYSBURG, the painting, is a visual requiem. It is dedicated to the flank as a Dies Irae for the fallen souls of Gettysburg.

WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME" was written by PATRICK SARSFIELD GILMORE, extraordinary bandleader of the Civil War in 1863 for his sister Annie as she prayed for safe return of her soldier beau, Johnny O' Rourke. A politically neutral song of hope for safe return from battle, it was sung by BOTH sides of the Civil War and up to WWII as a rousing march. In folk-style vignettes that usually include Gilmore, is a new visual remembrance for all ages, for a new generation. In colorful, animated scenes of a band' s moments lies hope for safe return...just as Gilmore intended in his famous march. Gilmore was honored by President Lincoln for patriotic and loyal support to both sides... helping hearts with songs of home and family... offering a neutral hope of safety and victory... a friend to all and foe to none.

Gilmore, a mover and shaker, changed the face of America's Brass Bands with woodwinds and symphonic sounds that included jazz and pop. He established MADISON SQUARE GARDEN from "Gilmore's Garden" and began our tradition of NEW YEAR'S EVE IN TIMES SQUARE! Counting down the year with large bands and audiences till midnight - Gilmore took 2 pistols from his pocket and fired them into the air- shouting..."Happy New Year!" (Yikes!) John Philip Sousa, America's March King entered P.S. GILMORE into the Musician's Hall of Fame, 1970.

JOSEPH E. TURRIN, distinguished composer, joins in this special tribute site with his symphonic poem titled THE CIVIL WAR SUITE: HONOR & GLORY, HYMN, heard here. The Civil War Suite- Premiered 1996 after being composed in the winter of 1993. Originally written for use as a film score, its programmatic style is inspiring. Woven within the original score is music from the Civil War period -"Marching Along" and "For the Dear Old Flag." Copyright © 2004 by Joseph Turrin Music.

Joseph Turrin, Composer of America

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